About Us

Akhirkaar is a Pakistan based brand, portrating the cultural heritage of Pakistan in the textile industry. We celebrate our traditional crafts, motifs, techniques, and the elegance of Urdu font through our products. Akhirkaar is a word we in Urdu language use for “at last “. As Akhirkaar came into existence to AT LAST overrule current typical lifeless designs.

At Akhirkaar we offer Casual wear and street wear that is comfortable and trendy at the same time. Our idea is to cater those people specially the young generation who wants to live their age and experiment and wants to stand out in the crowds.

We aim to be the fashion in Pakistan which proves itself to be the powerhouse of street wear and casual wear in the industry. We want our consumers to have faith in their national brand and we are looking forward to stand out in our line of clothing around the globe. We have managed to bring our customers the products they have always wanted, at prices that are acceptable to them.


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